Flame Point Games

Our mission is to create fun games the entire family will want to play again and again! Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are excited to bring the best new board games to your game nights. Our first card game - Magical Unicorn Quest - is voted the best unicorn card game ever.  Your copy is now available for order! 


Fantastic game! It strikes a really nice balance of being accessible for novice gamers and being complex enough for replay with friends. The art style is whimsical and keeps things fun throughout.


Our family loves playing Magical Unicorn Quest on our traditional family game nights! Ever since we bought this game our girls ask us to play this game first! It's surprisingly fun for the adults in the house as well!


My daughter is really into clever card games. She's also really into unicorns. This game is easy to learn and fun to play – but more importantly, it gets better once you have become proficient and play zips along.


Don't be a lonely unicorn!

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