Flame Point Games

Flame Point Games is a tabletop game publishing company founded by Andrew Kuplic. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Flame Point Games published its first game, Magical Unicorn Quest in 2020, and plans to publish two additional games in 2022: Towering Purrfection and Potion Commotion.

Magical Unicorn Quest the card game & board game. Top 10 game for girls, teens, young adults, and parents. Fun for the entire family, great family game. Players search the Magical Forest for unicorn. Ogre, poisonous mushroom, bat, elf, cotton candy, dwarf

Magical Unicorn Quest

In this semi-cooperative card game, each player takes the role of an adventurer and embarks on an epic quest for unicorns. Beware, foul mystical beings lurk around the corner in search of unsuspecting prey. Stock up on potions and magic to fend off these foul beings and capture the unicorns.

Andrew Kuplic, CEO of Flame Point Games, is selling Magical Unicorn Quest at Gen Con 2021. Magical Unicorn Quest is the best unicorn game as it is a great strategy board game and fun family card game. Elf, ogre, dwarf, cotton candy, rainbows and glitter.

Want to meet us in person?

We love meeting our fans and customers in person. Below are the following conventions that we will be attending in 2022. Check back later as more conventions will be added to the list. At the conventions you will have the chance to play our games and we can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon!

MarsCon 2022 March 11-13

Anime Detour March 18-20

Des Moines Con May 21-22

Twins Cities Con Nov 11-13

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Mission Statement

Flame Point Games strives to make family friendly board games that kids, young adults, and parents love to play. We create exciting, beautiful, and entertaining games that bring joy to people worldwide. Our games seek to capture peoples' imaginations, and include everyone from new to experienced gamers.