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Magical Unicorn Quest

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All adventurers have been challenged to find a Golden Unicorn and a Majestic Unicorn deep in the Magical Forest. The Magical Forest is unpredictable, so you will have to work with your fellow adventurers. Do not let your guard down in the Magical Forest, betrayal awaits. The first two adventurers to unite the unicorns in their shared stable win the game. By uniting the unicorns, you will save the Magical Forest from evil and share eternal fame. Team up with your fellow adventurers, it’s time to begin the epic quest for unicorns!

  • Quick playing: Most games take less than 20 minutes and the ever shifting cards in the forest means there is always something new!
  • Great for families: Layered complexity makes it perfect for families with players of varying ages and skill levels.
  • Positive player interaction: Semi-cooperative play that focuses on team interaction, making it highly accessible for new and casual gamers! (less fighting, more playing)
  • Endless possibilities: 50 Mystical Being cards with set collection adds variety and flexibility to stable creation. This makes for great replayability.

Game Play:

Players: 2-6 people
Ages: 8+ years
Time: 20+ minutes

Content Base Game:

50 Mystical Being Cards 
35 Potion Cards
15 Magic Cards
6 Reference Cards
1 Rulebook
1 Reference Sheet

Magical Unicorn Quest