Andrew Kuplic - Founder and CEO

Andrew is the designer and creator of Magical Unicorn Quest. He has been working on the game for over 2 years. The game has gone through hundreds of playtesting sessions. After an initial Kickstarter in 2019 to raise capital, he launched the final version of Magical Unicorn Quest on Kickstarter in 2021. Andrew is currently designing two additional games that will be released soon: Towering Purrfection and Potion Commotion.

Prior to Magical Unicorn Quest, Andrew spent 7 years grinding away at a desk job. Andrew finished his MBA in 2020 and put it to good use by starting Flame Point Games. When Andrew is not developing games, he is exploring the Twin Cities with his son, who joined the Flame Point Games family in 2020. Designing and publishing board games is a dream come true.

Kip Noschese - Artist For Magical Unicorn Quest

Kip is the talented artist who brings the beings, potions, and magic of Magical Unicorn Quest to life. Kip is an award winning artist and illustrator who is best know for his work in TV animation. Kip has been a background designer for highly popular tv shows including Family Guy, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys and most recently, Start Trek: Lower Decks. Check out his IMDB page for a complete list Kip - IMDB

Kip has gotten more into board games in recent yyears and loves playing Magical Unicorn Quest with his wife and twin boys. He hopes you have as much fun in the Magical Forest as he did in illustrating it!

Leo and Daisy - CEC

Leo and Daisy the Chief Executive Cats (CECs) are the real bosses around here, spending their days at home with Andrew demanding treats and cuddles. They are very bossy and demand compensation in high quality wet food and belly rubs. Their orange ears and tails are the inspiration behind the logo and the brand of Flame Point Games.