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Andrew Kuplic here, CEO of Flame Point Games. With the holiday season over and half way through winter it is a good time to break out your favorite game and play with your family and friends. If you are looking for a new favorite game go no furthers. 

We've a lot of great things to cover in this newsletter:

  1. Protospiel MN 2022
  2. New Game Updates
  3. Artist Needed
  4. Game Design Resources
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Protospiel MN 2022 is a board game convention in Minnesota. At the convention board game designers get together to playtest the games that they are currently working on and developing.


Protospiel MN is a convention where board game enthusiasts in the midwest get together and playtest games before they reach the market. We enjoyed connecting with other game developers and sharing our passion for designing games. Above all, Protospiel was an incredible opportunity to playtest and receive feedback on our games we have in development: Towering Purrfection and Potion Commotion. We received amazing feedback on both our games and many people were excited to hear that they will be published soon. In Towering Purrfection, we improved the tower function to allow the artist to have more variability with the artwork, resulting in purrfect illustrations. In Potion Commotion, the witches’ hut was enhanced to have two cauldrons for brewing at the same time. 


Magical Unicorn Quest, a unicorn card game and unicorn board game for girls, boys, teens, and adults. The entire family will enjoy the strategy game Magical Unicorn Quest.


The second edition of Magical Unicorn Quest is almost here. It is currently on a boat heading to the United States. Once the inventory arrives, we will be fulfilling the Kickstarter backer orders. After those orders are fulfilled, we will be fulfilling all other orders. You can pre-order your copy of the game here, to ensure you get the game as soon as available. This is the quickest way to get a copy of the game. 



Towering Purrfection is a game that is being published by Flame Point Games. In the game you need to make the best cat sanctuary by using cat trees and wallpaper tiles.


You stumble upon an abandoned warehouse overrun with playful cats, but the warehouse is nowhere near a proper cat sanctuary that these friendly felines deserve. Your task is to renovate the building in order to create a peaceful and pleasant environment for these cats to enjoy. In this upcoming tile-laying puzzle game, players attempt to create the most pleasing home for these cats. However, these cats accept nothing but purrfection and so will be looking for players who can meet their exceptional standards. Match tiles, connect cat towers, and create exciting shapes in this relaxing family-friendly game.


e-mail if interested

We are currently in the process of reaching out to artists for the artwork and design, so if you are familiar with board game art and think your style fits this game—please reach out!


Potion Commotion is a game being published by Flame Point Games. In the board game, you play as a witch who brew potions to make wealth and fame. Watch out for the kings guard they do not like witches and will expel you if you are caught.



You drop the final ingredient into your bubbling cauldron, and see the colors shift as your brew is complete. This potion could make you a pretty penny, even more so since the King outlawed them. You hear a knock at your door, increasing in tempo—the King’s Guard! In this press-your-luck deck builder, players attempt to brew powerful potions while avoiding the King’s Guard in order to collect the most fame and become the greatest witch in all the land! Potion Commotion will be released after Towering Purrfection, so keep an eye out in the future for more news about this dangerously magical deck builder



Here are two great articles I found this past week about the process of making board games and pitching games to publishers.

Process for creating board games. Do you ever wonder why it takes so long for a board game to be published. This link describes the process of creating a board game and all the different steps that are involved.

What is a sell sheet? Sell sheets are a resume for your board game. This is the best method for getting a publisher attention when pitching your game to them. Publishers want to quickly be able to learn the themes and mechanics of your game and determine if that matches their customers desires.



Do you have a game you would like to pitch to Flame Point Games? we are taking submissions. please read the two articles above about the process of making a game and need for sell sheets.

Please send your game information to

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