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Flame Point Games is a board game publishing company. Games published include Magical unicorn Quest and Towering Purrfection. We create exciting, beautiful, and entertaining games that bring joy to people worldwide.

Flame Point Games is located in Minneapolis, MN, and it is an exciting 5°F outside right now. I hope you have nicer weather where you are located. We have some exciting news to share with you! Flame Point Games has updated their website, and you can now pre-order your copy of the second edition of Magical Unicorn Quest and the new expansions – Dragon Lair and Epic Adventurers. We will be fulfilling these orders in March after our Kickstarter backers’ orders are fulfilled.

Flame Point games will be attending the board game convention Con of the North in February 2022.  At the convention you can Play Magical Unicorn Quest and Towering Purrfection.


Want to meet Flame Point Games, and the CEO Andrew Kuplic in
person? We are attending Con of the North, a Minneapolis-based board game convention on 2/18/2022 - 2/20/2022. You can sign up to play Magical Unicorn Quest, or our new game Towering Purrfection. The convention is a great place to get a sneak peak of this unique game. Spots to play the game are filling up quickly so don’t wait!  At the convention, Andrew is happy to talk to you about any game questions you have from design to publishing. We hope to see you there! Below are the links to sign up to playtest Magical Unicorn Quest and Towering Purrfection.

Convention Sign Up
Magical Unicorn Quest table 1
Magical Unicorn Quest table 2
Towering Purrfection table 1
Towering Purrfection table 2

Towering Purrfection is Flame Point Games newest board game. This game will be on Kickstarter soon. Perfect family game and it is a lot of fun for any cat loving enthusiast.



For people who are just starting out or would like to learn more about the recent rise of the board game industry, here are two great resources. Both articles feature Jamey Stegmaier, the president and cofounder of Stonemaier Games. Stonemaier games is the publisher of the popular games Wingspan and Scythe.

The hobby game market is continuing to expand at a rapid pace and has been growing exponentially in the past 5 years. Jamey has
done a great job about illustrating the rise of the table top market.

On this podcast Jamey describes all the things he wish he know before designing board games. I strongly recommend listening to this podcast if you dream of designing your own game someday.

Andrew Kuplic, the CEO of Flame Point Games is at Gen Con 2021 with Magical Unicorn Quest, a semi cooperative card game where player search the magical forest for unicorns. Great game for girls, teens, young adults and parents.


Do you have a game you would like to pitch to Flame Point Games? We are taking submissions for potential publication.

Please send your game information to


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